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Glass wine bottles

Glass wine bottles are usually in deep color, dark green wine bottles

Glass oil bottle

Glass olive oil bottle is mainly made in two different colors, transparent..

Glass liquor bottles

Chinese glass liquor bottle manufacturer---Our company is

Glass drink bottles

Glass drink bottle has the following characteristics:

Glass tableware

Chinese glass tableware manufacturer—we produce all kinds

Glass jars

Glass jars, compared with drinking glass bottles, with relatively

Glass Bottle Manufactory in china

SHANGHAI BOTTLELINK PACKAGING PRODUCTS CO.,LTD was established in 2002, specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of glass packaging products. Our factory owns 14 prefessional product lines and annual turnout reaches at 150,000 tons. Among them, above 60% are for exporting. Our major products are made from crystal-white-material, high-white-material, normal flint material etc, and it includes glass wine bottle, glass liquor bottle, glass drinking bottle, glass food jar, glass spice jar, glass jars, glass pharmaceutical bottle, glass cups & glass mugs, glass ashtray, glass candle holder, glass cake plate, glass teapot, opal glass bottle, glass carboy etc. we make medium top grade glass products together with normal glass products, which are widely used in packaging materials for food, wine, drink, medicine and daily life. …………

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