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Our company has rich experience in deep processing of glass bottles. We can provide services of decal, silk-screen printing, labeling, painting, frosting etc. We can paint transparent glass bottles in various colors, and we can print or decal the specification of your products and your company logo on glass bottles.

Glass product continous processing can be regarded as the Points clear of the pen. Refined or simple continous processing will lift the beauty of the product and add magic for glass. Our company have rich experience in glass products deep processing. We can provide decal, silk-screen printing, label, painting, frosting etc.Besides we also provide other glass products deep processing services such as gold hotstamping and silver hotstamping.

The deep processing adds a beautiful finishing touch to the glass bottles, fine or simple subsequent processing can beautify glass bottles and make them more attractive. Our company has rich experience in deep processing of glass products, we can provide services of decal, silk-printing, labeling, painting, frosting. Besides, we also can do gold hot-stamping and silver hot-stamping.

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All kinds of lids & caps, labels and boxes are an indispensable part for drink packing, cosmetic packing and food packing etc...

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The initial objective for lids & caps is to help storaging and protecting foods inside together with glass bottles...

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