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Glass double wall cup is a kind of tea service equipment. When we make it, we divide it in two layers, so it is heat resistant at use. It is made by food-grade borosilicate glass under high temperature. It is high temperature resistant, so it can hold boiling water, tea, carboinic acid and fruit acid drinks above 100 degree centigrade. Besides it is apple-acid resistant and odorless. Glass double wall cups show off its advantages step by step in drinking. Glass double wall cup, with double structure, is made by borosilicate glass under high temperature. It’s of high quality and heat-insulated, so it can keep temperature to some extent. Glass double wall cup is very important in glass cups family, widely used as business gifts.

The cup usually uses for hot milk, coffee, water, beer etc, or you can make green tea, black tea with boiling water together with borosilicate glass teapot. Borosilicate glass cups together with borosilicate glass teapot, are very popular both for family and in public places like hotel, bar, coffee shop or restaurant etc.

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