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Glass bordeaux bottle

Glass bordeaux bottle in deep color, including dark green, brown, emerald, and transparent bottle is rare. Dark green bottle is the most commonly used in the market, as is known to all, dark green bottle is very effective in protecting wines from sunshine...

Glass burgundy bottle

International standard of glass burgundy bottles are 375ml(half bottle) and 750ml. Besides, there are also 1.5ml and 4-6L super bottles. Different regions or different brands, use different glass bottles, as the wine of each region has its own flavor...

Glass champagne bottle

Glass champagne bottle has various sizes, from min 1/4 bottle(187ml)to max 15ML (equal to 20 standard bottles). The normal champagne glass bottles are 750ml(standard size) and 1.5L (two bottles size). The size of normal static glass wine bottle is just size itself..

Glass ice wine bottle

Chinese glass ice wine bottle manufacturer--Our company is specialized in manufacturing glass ice wine bottle, glass champagne bottle, glass burgundy bottle, glass bordeaux bottle, glass craft wine bottle, glass decanter etc...

Glass craft wine bottle

Glass craft wine bottle is totally man-made and made of borosilicate glass, which is high temperature resistant and of extremely strong plasticity. The bottle's outlook can imitate animals, such as twelve animals glass craft wine bottles, and among them..

Glass decanter

Glass decanter is another artwork in our factory. Glass decanter is also called cocktail shaker with the major characteristic: narrow on top and wide at bottom. The classic water drop structure is not only for artistic function, but its major function..

Glass wine bottles are usually in deep color, dark green wine bottles and brown wine bottle are popular. As is known to all, dark color wine bottles can protect wine from sunshine and brown wine bottles has better performance than dark green bottles in storaging wine. Till the seventeenth century, wine is still stored in wooden barrel or pottery. We bottle wine in glass bottles, which is more convenient for both storage and transportation.

We can provide various high quality glass wine bottles with different sizes, such as glass bordeaux bottle, glass burgundy bottle, glass champagne bottle, glass ice wine bottle, glass craft wine bottle, glass decanter etc. On the other hand, we can customize your bottle according to your request.You just need to provide drawings and samples. Besides, we can print customer logo on wine bottle, and provide all kinds of caps for different kinds of wine bottles.