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Glass spice jar is normally round. There are also square spice jars, pumpkin-shape spice jar, and artistic triangle-size spice jars etc.

Usually there are three kinds of caps for glass spice jar, metal cap, plastic cap and glass cap. Caps for glass spice jar are different from caps for normal glass bottles, they can sprinkle spices, so there usullay are a lot of regular holes on body for convenient use. There are also a kind of special closure just for glass spice jars, called grinder.

Glass spice jar is small capacity container, usually from 30ML to 120ML. It is small but exquisite and often appears on the family table or restaurant banquet. Glass spice jar is nontoxic,clean and healthy, easy to wash, good of sealing, and can keep all the condiments for long.

Borosilicate glass spice jars are highly recommend to use. Compared with normal glass spice jar, light glass spice jars made by borosilicate glass are not single glass storage container any more, but a piece of perfect artwork as well.

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