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Glass Candleholder can decorate the environment together with candles and also can be as part of family candleholder equipment. The unique and elegant glass candleholder decorates your home. The wonderful shape of glass candleholder, together with candle’s fragrance, will create an unexpected atmosphere.

Glass candleholders can be made by two kinds of glass meterial, soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass. Soda-lime glass is relatively thick while borosilicate glass is lighter and more transparent. According to the usage, it can be divided into religious candleholders, Christmas candleholders and household candleholders.

Besides, according to the technique, it can be divided into machine-made candleholders and manual-blowing candleholders. Usually, borosilicate glass can be easily blown by manual into various shapes candleholders as we wish, under high temperature. For machine-made glass candleholders, it’s usaully required a large quantity, so the shape is relatively single and lack of artistic effect, then it is with lower price.

Same technique as glass candleholder, glass vase can be made by machine and manual-blowing also. The latter is much more expensive than the former. Machine-made glass products mainly rely on machine with simple technics, so it is cheap. But complicated artistic glass products can only be made by manual-blowing. Manual-blowing glassware totally relies on handicraft so it is very expensive. It is so beautiful and artistic as melted glass can be made into any shape. Our craftsmen can make a great variety of elegant glass products.

We can make all kinds of glass candleholders and glass vases according to different requests from our customers. Welcome to contact us for further information.

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