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Glass olive oil bottle is mainly made in two different colors, transparent glass and dark green glass. Dark green bottle is better than transparent bottle in storage, it can keep oil longer and ensure the nutrition of olive oil well kept. We can supply all kinds of glass olive oil bottles of international standards, 250ML,500ML,750ML,1L and other customized sizes: 50ml,100ml,150ml,200ml,700ml etc. If divided by shape, there are square bottles and round bottles. Besides, there are high temperature resistant glass olive oil bottles made by borosilicate glass.

Compared with common bottles, glass olive oil bottle made by borosilicate glass is with higher refractive index and better outlook. The bottle is convenient and the cap will protect the oil while it is also acted as the mouth for pouring olive oil. Borosilicate glass bottle is more expensive than common bottles, but it is still very popular in the bottle market.

Our factory produce borosilicate glass olive oil bottles with volume from 125ml,250ml, 500ml to 1L. There are two kinds of bottles in shage, round bottles and triangle bottles. Round bottles can be with or without handles, different shapes create different elegant sculpture.

We also can provide our clients with caps for glass olive oil bottles, swing stopper or aluminium cap. We also supply deep processing services for transparent oil olive bottles. We can paint the transparent bottle in any color as you expect; meanwhile we do decalk silk-screen printing, frosting etc. Welcome to contact us at any time.

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