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As a Chinese manufacturer of glass storage jars, we specialize in manufacturing glass storage jar, glass jam jar, glass coffee jar, glass honey jar, glass spice jar etc. Glass storage jars are the commonest daily storage containers in household and kitchen. Glass storage jars are bigger than other glass jars, it is more convenient to take things with large opening.

Glass storage jar is the commonest daily storage container in household and kitchen. It is bigger than other glass jars, It is bigger than normal glass jar, the large capacity and large opening make it convenient to take things out.

Food must be stored in well-sealed glass storage jar, to prevent air of inside and outside flowing. It is not only dampproof, but also keeps clothes moth from eating the food inside. The glass jar is clear and easy to clean, so it is the best container for storage. Furthermore, we can observe the food inside through its transparent wall at any time.

Our factory can manufature and provide all kinds of glass storage jars with capacities from 1L, 2L, 3L to tens of liters, all are acceptable. The shape can be round, square, hexagon, and we also engrave flower patterns and your company Logo on it. We can also supply caps for glass storage jars. Plastic caps, metal caps, glass caps or iron sealed caps, all are safe and tightly sealed.

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