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Glass champagne bottle has various sizes, from min 1/4 bottle(187ml)to max 15ML (equal to 20 standard bottles). The normal champagne glass bottles are 750ml(standard size) and 1.5L (two bottles size). The size of normal static glass wine bottle is just size itself, but for champagne, the size contains further more meaning than just the size. The bigger glass botttle is, the smaller relatively sweet wine is added in bottle, so you will find that the wine flavor in the bigger bottles actually is better than in the other,among champagnes of the same brand but in different-sized bottles.

Compared with other bottles, glass champagne bottle is bigger and stronger with the sunken bottom and thick wall, it can resist inner pressure of carbon dioxide with a streamlined shape.

Our factory can produce various glass champagne bottles, with various capacities and types. You can choose from our current models as you like, or you can send us your samples or designs, we will custoimze your bottles. Please contact us!

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