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Glass craft wine bottle is totally man-made and made of borosilicate glass, which is high temperature resistant and of extremely strong plasticity. The bottle's outlook can imitate animals, such as twelve animals glass craft wine bottles, and among them, the horse-shapge and dragon-shape are most popular. We can also make bottles in bottles, and the normal one is the bottle with sailboat inside or all kinds of animals inside. Moreover, we also make exquisite handicraft on bottle and it is so exquisite that you can’t help praising the craftsman’s talent.

Glass craft wine bottle is not only a wine container, but also a piece of artwork. The basic manufacturing process: Inspecting raw materials quality—cutting the tube into short parts—burn and blown the tube in the mold—Inspecting unfinished product quality—making product bottom—Inspecting sample quality —decal —annealing— quality inspection—packing.

All the glass bottles are passed strict quality inspections. Our factory manufactures all kinds of glass craft wine bottles, with multiple sizes, elegant and creative outlook, which meets different top-grade customer’s request.

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