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Glass bordeaux bottle in deep color, including dark green, brown, emerald, and transparent bottle is rare. Dark green bottle is the most commonly used in the market, as is known to all, dark green bottle is very effective in protecting wines from sunshine.

The shoulder’s angle of glass bordeaux bottle is relatively large, this is because bordeaux usually are made of thick Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, so there are a lot of deposit, and glass bottles with larger shoulder’s angle can help to filter the deposit.

Glass bordeaux bottle is very famous and widely used in storing wines. Like oak barrel, the bottle has various capacities. The normal glass bordeaux bottle is 750ml and 375ml. Besides, there are 1.5L and 4-6L super-sizes. It includes nine types and each has its unique name, such as Demi-bouteille (half bottle,375ml), Bouteille (standard bottle, 750ml), Magnum( two bottles1.5L) and Double magnum (four bottles,3L) etc.

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