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Opal glass bottle & jar is also called milk glass bottle, which is widely used in Chinese spirit packing. It’s white and not transparent, it is suitable for storing volatilized spirit.

Opal glass bottle is beautiful, white as like porcelain, but overcomes its leakable disadvantage. It also lifts the wine to a higher level, so it becomes more and more popular in the packing market. On the other hand, milk bottle is not as good as other common glass bottles in heat resistance and shock resistance.

Our company is specialized in manufacturing opal glass bottle & jar. We mainly provide two kinds of milk glass bottles, opal glass bottle for spirit packing and opal glass jar for cream cosmetics packing.

Opal glass bottle & jar is smooth and bright so we can do deep processing such as decal or silk-screen printing, to decorate the wine bottle, which can create wine in opal bottle a rich cultural atmosphere, increase wine’s value.

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