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Glass coffee jar can keep the coffee from sunshine, oxygen and moisture, and can avoid leaking of fragrance as coffee is liable to be moist, oxidated, and fragrance is very easy to leak out.

Brown paper is convenient for coffee’ delivery but it can’t reach the objective of anti-moisture and anti-oxidation. Sealed aluminium membrane package, with good airproof quality, but package may expand. Stainless steel package is with very good airproof quality, however the cost is too expensive.

Considering above, glass coffee jar contains all the advantages mentioned and avoid their disadvantages. It is healthy and clean, easy to wash. It can be recycled and used again, meanwhile the cost is relatively lower. The sealing is perfect, which prevent the air of inside and outside from flowing and fragrance from leaking out and coffee from being moisted. Then glass coffee jar is the ideal storage package for coffee, such as classic Nestle Coffee’s glass bottle which has golden plastic cap on it.

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