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Glass storage jar

As a Chinese manufacturer of glass storage jars, we specialize in manufacturing glass storage jar, glass jam jar, glass coffee jar, glass honey jar, glass spice jar etc. Glass storage jars are the commonest daily storage containers in household and kitchen. Glass storage jars are bigger..

Glass jam jar

Glass jam jar is round, square, or hexagon, and normally the cap is plastic or metal screw cap and twist-off cap. Glass jam jar is best storage bottle for jam. As glass bottle is heat resistant and well-sealed, it prevents air flowing inside and outside..

Glass coffee jar

Glass coffee jar can keep the coffee from sunshine, oxygen and moisture, and can avoid leaking of fragrance as coffee is liable to be moisted, oxidated, and fragrance is very easy to leak out...

Glass honey jar

Glass honey jar is one of the best honey storage containers. Honey must be stored in non-metal container, as it is slight acidic liquid and can react with metals. That’s why we always keep honey in pottery, glass bottle and unpoisonous plastic barrel etc...

Glass spice jar

Glass spice jar is normally round. There are also square spice jars, pumpkin-shape spice jar, and artistic triangle-size spice jars etc. Usually there are three kinds of caps for glass spice jar, metal cap, plastic cap and glass cap...

Glass jars, compared with drinking glass bottles, with relatively bigger opening, are made for convenient storing things, so we also call it “big mouth jar”. It plays an important role in the industry of food packing, gift packing, cosmetic moisture and lotion packing etc.

Glass jars have the following characteristics:

1 Glass jars are high transparent and corrosion resistant, it doesn’t react with most chemicals and acidic foods because of its stable chemical quality. Meanwhile, it can prevent oxygen etc from eroding inside food, and blocks fragrance from volatilizing. Glass jars have perfect performance in storaging food.

2 Glass jars have smooth surface, it’s safe and clean, easy for disinfection. It looks elegant.

3 Glass jars can bear inner pressure and outside force during delivery, for it has certain mechanical intensity.

4 The raw material is cheap and distributed widely.

5 It’s easy to make in various shapes. Glass jar is hard, heat resistant, clean and easy to wash, can be usely repeatly, which can reduce packing cost.

6 Easy to seal and perfect in sealing. We can observe inside food as it is transparent.

7 Glass jars are suitable for automatic filling line. In domestic, the techique and equipment of automatic bottling and filling are fast developed, to pack food, medicine and cosmetics by glass jars is becoming more popular and welcomed in the markets of domestic and overseas.

8 Glass can be recyled and repeatedly used, which can lower packaging cost.

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