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Glass goblet has a great variety. Champane goblet is in various shapes, vertical, curved, flute tulip shape, half ball shape, all are elegant. Rum goblet is lower and the mouth is valgus. Long red wine goblet, big round goblet, liquor goblet for spirit, cocktails and ice-cream etc.

Good glass goblets show off these advantages: Firstly, cleanness and transparency of glass goblet play an important role in judgement of wine. Second, glass goblet can't change quality of wine, but the shape of mouth, the size, the radian, depth, length of glass goblet will decide strength and complexity of wine fragrance. Last, the mouth shape of goblet is the first point to touch wine, so it influences your different feeling to wine. With good glass goblet, wine flavor will be better. Good glass goblet enables your better appreciation on wine taste in different levels.

Our factory provide various goblets with various capacities, please contact us.

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