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Glass water bottle

Glass water bottle is easy to clean and recycled, so it can be used repeately and suitable for filling drinking water. Though it is much heavier than plastic bottle, with its own great advantage, it also takes up an important portion in the bottled-water market.

Glass carboy

Glass carboy is innocuous and unpoisonous, healthy and easy to clean. As the material is stable in chemistry capability, it can be used repeatedly. Glass carboy is our new-developed product in the recent years. We have 3 gallon glass carboy...

Glass juice bottle

Glass juice bottle, among all juice packings, is with lowest water infiltration rate, the most stable material elements and hard to decompose harmful elements. So it can keep the fruit fresh and prevent juice from losing favor. Doubtlessly, glass juice bottle is safest and most useful for storaging juice...

Glass beer bottle

Glass beer bottle is the major packaging material of beer, more than 71% of beer are bottled in glass beer bottles in the world, and every year more than 50 billion glass bottles are used for beer in China, taking 55% in using glass beer bottles in World..

Glass drink bottle has the following characteristics: high transparency and corrosion resistance. It has stable chemical property, it will not react with acid drinks. Glass bottles has great performance in blocking function, which keeps oxygen from eroding drinks in the bottle, as well as prevent fragrance from leaking out. Glass bottles also have perfect performance in storaging drink. With smooth surface and safe packing, it is so easy for disinfection. Glass drink bottles can bear certain inner pressure, which is suitable for packing beers, carbonic acid drinks that have vapour pressure request. Glass drink bottle is also easy to clean, so it can be recycled and repeated used, which can reduce packing cost. Resisting against heat and pressure, it can either process high-temperature disinfection or low-temperature storage. Glass drink bottle is transparent and well-sealed, we can observe the drink from outside.

Glass drink bottle is suitable for automatic filling line. In domestic, the techique and equipment of automatic bottling and filling are fast developed, to pack food, medicine and cosmetics by glass jars is becoming more popular and welcomed in the markets of domestic and overseas.

Glass drink bottle is safe and clean, of good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, so it is suitable for storaging acid material such as vegetable and fruits drink, etc.

Due to all the above advantages that other packing materials do not have, there is no doubt that glass drink bottle will become the first choice for storing beer, fruit tea and Chinese date etc. We provide all kinds of first-class glass drink bottles with different shapes, such as glass carbonated drinks bottle, glass beer bottle, glass coffee bottle, glass carbonic acid bottle, glass milk bottle, glass leben bottle, glass fruit and vegetable bottle, glass water bottle, glass sports drink bottle, glass carbonated drinks bottle and glass tea bottle etc. Welcome to contact us by phone or mail, and we will provide you the best service.